Fry Wildlife Collection

The Fry Wildlife Collection

This big game collection includes nearly all of the major North American Big Game species.

Ralph Fry, a friend and neighbor of the Stauths, was a big game hunter. He hunted for almost 50 years, starting in 1928, through the mid 1970s. He traveled throughout North America, including Canada, Alaska and Norway.

A rare North American Big Horn Sheep “Grand Slam” is on display featuring two Rocky Mountain Big Horns, a Stone Sheep and the Coveted Dall Sheep. His daughter, Mary Jo, obtained the Desert Big Horn to complete the Grand Slam.

Three record setting specimens are on exhibit; the MULE DEER, the DALL SHEEP and the AMERICAN ELK. The elk was rated #2 in the world when Ralph hunted it in 1952.

Ralph was a farmer, rancher, naturalist and conservationist. He enjoyed sharing his hunting stories and teaching gun safety classes always stressing the need for game conservation.

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