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Exquisite Miniatures: The Art of Wes & Rachelle Siegrist and Cardboard Creations by Jessie Montes


On Display June 11th – September 3rd


Exquisite Minatures: The Art of Wes & Rachelle Siegrist


Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.

Sixty-five exquisite miniature paintings by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist are currently featured in an unprecedented and history-in-the-making national traveling museum exhibition curated by David J. Wagner, Ph.D.

One is struck by the size and scope of the Siegrist’s work: it’s tiny. The paintings can be as small as 1¼ inch in diameter. But what they lack in size is made up for in substance. The detail of a dog’s solemn eyes, foliage on a fall tree, the color of a mountain scene is all there in all its glory. The Siegrists provide a magnifying glass just to prove it. One doesn’t need a magnifying glass to appreciate the immense talent in Wes and Rachelle’s paintings…”

The exhibition includes portraits, landscapes, wildlife and still-life’s. The paintings are not small. Small is too big. They are tiny. Pick up a ruler and see what 3.5×3.5 looks like in size. Then imagine there is a detailed painting within its borders. Tiny! The paintings typically measure less than nine square inches and appear even more detailed when viewed under magnification.

Exquisite Miniatures by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist, Produced by David J. Wagner, Ph.D. Curator/Tour Director.

Exhibition is available for display at museums and art centers; for information, contact EXQUISITE MINIATURES Tour Office at davidjwagnerllc@yahoo.com or(414) 221-6878

Learn More: artofwildlife.com

Learn More: davidjwagnerllc.com


Cardboard Creations by Jessie Montes

Jessie Montes is a western Kansas folk artist who creates his artwork from corrugated paperboard. He is an extraordinary example of the phenomenon of a sweeping all-consuming and obsessive involvement with art-making that can overtake a person at any time, at any age and with no apparent warning. With no schooling in art, and no previous history of art-making, Mr. Montes created complex visual statements with simple materials.

Over 40 years ago Jessie Montes, the only survivor of five sets of twins, migrated to the United States from Mexico. Having no formal education, Montes worked as a custodian for the Dodge City school district. When Montes’ son and daughter were called to duty for the Persian Gulf War, he quickly tried to find a way to relax. “One day I just started cutting cardboard,” said Montes. “I eventually made a picture frame for my sons photograph,” said Montes. Soon Montes started to experiment with different designs and themes.

He began to fill in frames with landscapes, designs and portraits. Three dimensional sculptures came soon thereafter and his artistic career in this unique medium was launched!

Montes’ tools consist of cardboard cut in 1/4 inch strips, tweezers, a sharp razor blade, and paste. Montes’ subject matter include mixtures of ethnic and social influences, architectural themes, and popular culture references. The work varies from portraiture to landscape, it sometimes includes architecture and it always functions as excellent abstraction. In other words, the work is totally consistent, but also has incredible range. Jessie Montes (1935-2013)

We are expecting many groups for this exhibit, so please call in advance to schedule groups of 5 or more. Tours/groups welcome by appointment, call 620.846.2527 for information or to set up a tour. Museum hours are: Tue-Sat 9-12 & 1-4:30, Sun 1:30-4:30. We are closed on Mondays and all major holidays including Independence Day. Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted to help pay for this outstanding, once-in-a-lifetime exhibit!